Vermont Insights

Vermont Insights is the premier source for data about Vermont’s children, families, and communities. Data is vetted from trusted sources, organized, and transformed into visuals that are easy to use and understand. Reports contain features that allow users to filter by geography, population, time-frame, and other characteristics. Data can be displayed in as a chart, map, or in a table and is accompanied by narratives describing the data background, source, and limitations.

Users can explore reliable data to help tell stories, identify community needs, set priorities, track progress, inform program or policy decisions, prepare grant proposals, reports, presentations, and much more.

By providing easy access to reports, Vermont Insights is making it easier for leaders, policymakers, families, and communities to use data to make informed policy and program decisions. 

Building Bright Futures

Vermont Insights is a program of Building Bright Futures, Vermont’s early childhood public-private partnership established by law to monitor the states early care, health, and education systems, to advise Vermont’s Governor, the Administration, and Legislature on early childhood policy, and to convene stakeholders to better meet the diverse needs of all children and families by working together.

The projects and programs of Building Bright Futures follow the goals and principles of the Vermont Early Childhood Action Plan. Vermont Insights’ data contribute to Building Bright Futures’ annual report to Vermont’s Governor, Legislature, and stakeholders, which seeks to answer the question, “How Are Vermont’s Children and Families?

Building Bright Futures works in a collective impact model, bringing together key stakeholders to set priorities, develop strategies, and work toward solutions. Vermont Insights also works in this way. Stakeholders include policymakers, practitioners, researchers, administrators, philanthropy, advocates, parents, families and communities. Vermont Insights delivers the most impact when listening to, learning from, and collaborating with, stakeholders. Stakeholders are well-positioned to request data, share feedback, and contribute to the use of data in their decision-making, planning, and advocacy.

Advisory Group

The Building Bright Futures Data and Evaluation Committee serves as the advisory group to Vermont Insights. The committee supports Vermont Insights’ efforts to provide data at the child, family, and community levels as well as early childhood program, workforce and system levels. Committee members represent both the public and private sector.