How Are Vermont’s Young Children and Families – 2019

Vermont Insights data is the basis for the Building Bright Futures ‘How are Vermont’s Young Children and Families?’ annual report. You can view the Full Printable Report or individual sections and data below.


Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce
Early Childhood and Family Mental Health
Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Task Force Report


Number of Children Under 9
Racial Distribution by Age
Geographic Distribution

Vermont Communities

Living Arrangements of Children Under 18
Children Under 9 in Protective Custody
Homeless Children Under 18
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Flourishing Children

Early Care and Learning

Program Quality (STARS)
Type of Care
Public PreK Enrollment
Children Ready for Kindergarten
Reading and Math Proficiency

Family Economic Well-Being

Basic Needs Budget
Households Spending 30% or More of Income on Housing
Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) Changes
Food Insecurity

Health and Development

Health Care
Dental Care
Developmental Screening
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy
Smoking During Pregnancy
Newborns Diagnosed with Drug Withdrawal Syndrome

Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Spotlight

Children Using Crisis Services
Children Accessing Mental Health Services
Children with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Conditions
Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Recommendations
Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Task Force Report

Regional Profiles

Addison Profile – Regional Council
Bennington Profile – Regional Council
Caledonia & Southern Essex Profile – Regional Council
Central Vermont Profile – Regional Council
Chittenden Profile – Regional Council
Franklin & Grand Isle Profile – Regional Council
Lamoille Valley Profile – Regional Council
Northern Windsor & Orange Profile – Regional Council
Orleans & Northern Essex Profile – Regional Council
Rutland Profile – Regional Council
Southeast Vermont Profile – Regional Council
Springfield Profile – Regional Council