The federal poverty level is a guideline for program eligibility across the country. It is not necessarily an indicator for family economic well-being. The cost of basic needs such as housing, transportation and health care are an ongoing issue for Vermonters. Every two years the Joint Fiscal Office puts out a Basic Needs Budget, detailing the earnings necessary to live in Vermont. The 2018 Basic Needs Budget calculates that a two-adult two-child household with both adults working would need to make $84,736, (or $20.37 per hour per wage earner in 2018) to meet their household needs. This is almost double the income of two adults making minimum wage ($10.78 in Vermont) [1].

The full Basic Needs Budget report is available from the Vermont Legislative Joint Fiscal Office.

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1. Vermont Legislative Joint Fiscal Office. (2019). Basic Needs Budgets and the Livable Wage p. 16.