How We Get Data

Vermont Insights works closely with the following groups and documents to identify the data to include on our site.

  • Building Bright Futures’ State Advisory Council, Regional Councils, Data and Evaluation and other Building Bright Futures Committees
  • Prenatal to Grade 12 Data Governance Council
  • Key strategic documents such as Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan (2015), Early Childhood Policy Questions (2012) and Vermont State Outcomes and Indicators (Outcomes Bill - Act 186)

Once the data source is identified and reviewed for quality, accuracy and completeness and known to be a trusted source, the data are acquired and compiled. There are two ways Vermont Insights acquires data:

  1. Through data sharing agreements with a national, state or local organization to use non-public and public data sets, and;
  2. Through open data sources such as the Census Bureau or decennial census that have documentation and file available for use either through a data transfer and upload process or through an automated programming interface (API).

More information about the processes behind the acquisition and reporting of data you'll find in Vermont Insights can be found in our guide, Data Flowchart: From Data Demand to Data Use.

If you would like to inform us about potential opportunities to acquire new data sets, please contact us.