Vermont Insights

Vermont Insights, a program of Building Bright Futures and a partner with the Vermont State Data Center at the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies, is a new online interactive site that allows users to find and use data to understand the well-being of Vermont’s children, families and communities. Data is vetted from trusted sources, analyzed and organized in one platform.

Users can search, see and use reliable data to help tell stories, identify community needs, set priorities, track progress, inform program or policy decisions, prepared grant proposals, report or presentations and much more.

By helping to raise the visibility of key issues affecting Vermont’s children and families, Vermont Insights is making it easier for leaders, policymakers, families and communities to use data to make informed policy and program decisions. Contact us to arrange a group or individual user support call or check out our How to Use this Site page.

Building Bright Futures

Building Bright Futures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization and the designated Vermont Early Childhood Advisory Council to the Vermont Governor, Administration and Legislature. It is the statewide nonprofit, public-private partnership focused on improving the well-being of young children and families by improving the system that serves them. Building Bright Futures improves child and family well-being through three program areas: Community, Data and Policy. Vermont Insights is Building Bright Futures' data program area.

Building Bright Futures is part of Vermont's vast early childhood system. Its projects and programs follow the goals and principles of the Vermont Early Childhood Framework and Action Plan. The data in Vermont Insights contribute to Building Bright Futures' annual report to the governor and legislature on the status of Vermont’s children: “How Are Vermont’s Children and Families? March 2015” (see our publications page).


The Vermont State Data Center at the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies is the first partner with Vermont Insights. Building Bright Futures seeks additional partnerships (a cooperative endeavor) with other organizations (public and private) who see Vermont Insights as a shared service that can provide data access to user communities and make data-informed decisions for the well-being of children, families and communities.

Advisory Group

The Building Bright Futures Data and Evaluation Committee serves as the advisory group to Vermont Insights. The committee supports Vermont Insights' efforts to provide data at the child, family and community levels as well as early childhood programs, workforce and systems. Committee members represent both the public and private sector. If you have specific questions or would like to become involved in the Building Bright Futures Data and Evaluation Committee, please contact the co-chairs, Ann Dillenbeck ( and Ben Allen (


The Vermont Insights team seeks out, learns from and works with other data access and use initiatives in Vermont and across the country. We are a member of the:

  • Prenatal to Grade 12 Data Governance Council: This is a newly formed council and a project of the federal Early Learning Challenge grant. This project will ensure that data will be made accessible to educators, parents, and others to inform practices that support the health, development and learning of children, while complying with Federal, State and local data system oversight guidelines and privacy laws.
  • Vermont Data Collaborative: This is an affiliation of individuals and organizations that produce and use public data about Vermont. Its core group includes our partner, the Vermont State Data Center at the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies, and the Common Good Vermont, Benchmarks for a Better Vermont, and Gross National Happiness USA. The Vermont Data Collaborative goal is to develop a Vermont data users network and facilitate access to, and use of Vermont data.
  • Vermont Accountability Group: This is a group of leaders of nonprofits, private foundations, state government, Benchmarks for a Better Vermont, and the state of Vermont legislature who have received Results-Based Accountability training and are committed to bringing greater accountability to their organizations, their sector, and Vermont through the use of Results-Based Accountability.
  • Regional Educational Laboratory – Early Childhood Education Research Alliance: The broad vision of the Early Childhood Education Research Alliance is to bring together the region’s early childhood stakeholders in the united pursuit of improving early childhood programming and children’s outcomes through research- and evidence-based practices. The alliance will co-create a research agenda that focuses on standards, practices, and assessment in early childhood education.